Disclosure Policy

As of December 2009, the FTC requires all Blogs generating any source of income to have an
official disclosure policy. Ours is found below.

In Plain Terms

We make money on this site in a few different ways. You should assume that just about every link
going out of our site will pay us a little something. We not retiring anytime soon on this income, but
We just required to tell you that We do make money. Money does not influence what WE post. We believe in being 100% open and honest, so feel free to email me with any questions about this page:
[email protected] or using the contact page form.

Material Connection Disclosure

Unless otherwise expressly stated, you should assume that Annlia Blog has an affiliate
relationship or other material connection to the providers of goods and services mentioned by,
recommended, hyperlinked to, or otherwise referenced on Annlia Blog. In addition, you
should assume that Annlia Blogg may be compensated monetarily or non-monetarily when
you visit, purchase goods or services from, or take any other action on a third-party website
mentioned by, recommended, hyperlinked to, or otherwise referenced on Annlia Blog. We
will always post the best deal we can find, whether or not it includes an affiliate link. Your
participation and interest in my content including affiliate links is what allows us to do this. We
appreciate your being here!

Sharing Your Information

This is an area that We are very serious about. We will never share your contact, or any other
information with anyone else. Your information is private, and We value YOU way too much to give
that out.

Release of Liability

Any item promoted on this site that you choose to partake in is YOUR decision and We am not liable
for any problems that arise including, but not limited to: not receiving products, receiving broken or
damaged goods, seeing an item you bought go on sale after you buy it, technical difficulties with
sites that We link to. Furthermore, any information you submit to any external site is at your own risk.