Family Time - Artwork

 This week my wife came with an idea to do a project together with our 2 kids. Initially, I didn't pay much attention but in the end, I enjoyed it probably more than the kids☺. Thank you, honey, for this great idea.  Even if our help in the project was more like just the idea and give some direction to start, and gather all the pieces and parts needed for the project, 90-95 % was their work.

 Our oldest daughter is 10, and this year she had to make a painting as a school project. She chose to paint a sunflower, which I listed below. Even if this is an older project, I think it's worth showing because I really like it!
Sunflower image

This weekend's teamwork gave these results.

Flower image

made by our 10 years old daughter

Turtle image

made by our 4 years old daughter

We are so proud of them.

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